The time to get fit and in shape is now, and all it takes is about a few minutes out of your day.

In Monday's exercise minute, Austin trainer Nicole Gonzales talks us through wall sits and lunges.

For these lower body exercises, all you will need is yourself and a wall.


While doing a wall sit, make sure your back is flat against the wall, and your feet should be outside of your shoulders. Then, squat down at a 90-degree angle. You will hold the position for 45-seconds.

Squat down at a 90-degree angle with your back against the wall.


To begin the pulsating lunge exercise, you'll need to lunge one leg backward. The back knee will drop straight down, while you keep your front knee at a 90-degree angle. Move your body up and down by bending your back and front knee toward the ground. You'll want to do about 20 reps before switching to the opposite leg.



In lateral lunges, you will lunge to your left and right sides before stepping back to the middle. Remember to keep your chest up and your core engaged. You will perform this exercise 15 times on each side.