In today's Exercise Minute, Eliz Perez from Yoga Yoga will teach us some stretches that will help our back and hamstrings.

Lunge to Twist

From your knees, step your right foot forward and then place your hands on the sides of your knee so that your knee is in the middle. Next, bring your upper body back up while you are still in the lunge position. Then, twist your upper body by bringing your left elbow to your right knee and inhale.


Next, exhale as you bring your hands back to the sides of your knee and bend forward. Then, straighten out your right leg and lift up your toes. Then, you will bring your hands closer to the sides of your knee. Take a deep breath in and then exhale as you bring your head closer to your knee.


Childs Pose and Repeat

Then, exhale and shift your weight forward and take your right leg and bend it back into place next to your left leg. After that, you will bring your body back up into the sitting position and do the same steps for the other side of your body.