In today's Exercise Minute, we will be working with Crossfit Central's personal trainer Richie Griffin. We will be doing an "every 90 seconds" circuit that will be sure to make you sweat.

Push Ups

The first exercise is push-ups. To start off, get in the plank position and make sure that your hands are directly underneath your shoulders. Then, you will lower your chest to the ground and make sure that your elbows stay tight to your body and extend your arms to lift yourself up. You will do this five times.


Mountain Climbers

The next exercise is called mountain climbers. You will start off in the plank position with your legs extended out. Next, you will bring your knees to your chest in a running motion. You will do this for ten reps.



The last exercise in this circuit is sprawls. Again, you will be starting off in the plank position. Next, you are going to bring both legs to your hands at the same time and then stand straight up. Once you come back down, get in the plank position again and extend both legs out at the same time. Do this for 15 reps. Complete these three exercises every 90 seconds for eight rounds.


Have a great workout!