To continue with our recovery week exercises, LFL Beauty and Fitness owner, Montana Judd, will teach us how to stretch out our upper body with a foam roller. This exercise will help alleviate the pain and stress in your upper body so that you are prepped and ready for future workouts. All you will need for this exercise is yourself and a foam roller. If you do not own a foam roller, you can use any elongated object such as a baseball bat or a water bottle.

The Lats & Lifting Your Hips

This exercise will focus on the latissimus dorsi muscle in your upper body. Start off by laying down on your side with your feet stacked on top of one another. Place your arm over the foam roller and then lay it flat on your forearm. Next, place your other hand on your side while you lift your hips up. Then, hold this position for 30 to 90 seconds. You should feel the pressure applied to your latissimus dorsi muscle that is right below your underarm.


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