Crossfit trainer Carey Kepler will teach us some stretches in today's Exercise Minute. It is always important to do stretches throughout your workout routines in order to keep your muscles nice and loose. All you will need for this is a wall or couch and a long pole.

Couch Stretch

The first stretch will be the couch stretch which is good for the quads and hips. Start off by placing your knee on the bottom edge of a couch or a wall. Make sure you are in a lunging position and place your body up straight. Perform this stretch for at least two minutes on each leg.


Cat-Cow Stretch

The second stretch will be the cat-cow stretch. First, you will need to get a long pole and place it standing vertically in front of you. Then, grab a hold of the pole and bend forward while still holding it. Make sure your back is flat just like a cow and your head is dropped down through your arms. Hold this stretch for two minutes.


Pass-Through Stretch

The last exercise will be the pass-through stretch. Take the same pole and hold it horizontally with a wide grip by placing your hands far apart. Then, bring the bar up and over your head and back down behind your back. Next, lift your bar back up and over your head and to the front lower part of your stomach. Make sure you do not bend your elbows while you do this stretch. Do this for at least ten reps. Once you complete these three stretches, you can repeat this circuit as many times as you would like.


Have a great stretch!