In today's Exercise Minute, Strive To Be Fit LLC owner Justin Wecker teaches us a series of power exercises. All you will need for these exercise is yourself.

Eight Count Body Builder

The first exercise will be an eight-count body builder. Start off by standing up with your feet shoulder-length apart and then bring your body down with your palms touching the floor. Next, jump your legs backward so that you are in the plank position. Then, go down into a push-up, jump your feet outward and then bring them back together. Lastly, jump your feet back to your chest and then stand back up into your original position. Do this exercise for 30 seconds followed by a 30 second rest.


Squat Jumps

The second exercise is called squat jumps. Start off by standing up straight with your legs slightly farther than shoulder-length apart. Next, squat down into a squat position and make sure that your knees are in a 90-degree angle. Then, use your legs to jump up as high as you can and come back down into the squat position. Repeat this. Make sure you land on your toes and then roll onto your heels. Do this exercise for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds.


Plank Jacks

The last exercise in this series is called plank jacks. Start off in the plank position with your legs and arms fully extended out. Then, jump your feet outward and bring them back into place. Think of this exercise as a jumping jack but only with your legs in the plank position. Do this exercise for 30 seconds and then take a 30 second break. You can repeat this circuit for as many times as you would like.


Have a great workout!