With a line of ambulances behind him and almost 1,000 staff members working to keep the transition smooth, Dr. Tom Caven excitedly announced, Sunday, "Dell Seton Medical Center at University of Texas is open!"

As the chief Medical Officer for the new hospital, he's been heavily involved in the move from University Medical Center at Brackenridge to Dell Seton. It's a change, he said, that has been over-planned and over-analyzed for nearly two years.

"It's a great day today," he said. "This is really going to up the game - not just for healthcare in Austin, but really for all Austinites. This will bring capabilities we haven't had before."

The Emergency Room at the new building officially took over from UMC Brackenridge at 7 a.m. Sunday. But before the hospital could be completely operational, the more than 100 patients at the old location had to be moved over.

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"We've been doing this preparation for quite some time," Nurse Angel Torres Carmona said. "The patients trust us, they know we are ready for this."

Carmona Torres has worked at the old building for more than two years. He said the change is "bittersweet," but important.

"We are leaving an institution that has provided healthcare for this community for many years," he said. "But everybody here has the same goal. First off, safety...We never stop caring from here to there."

Patients were moved by ambulance and immediately set up in the new building where care will continue.

If Emergency Services are needed, patients should head to the new Dell Seton center which can be entered off of Red River.