In today's Exercise Minute, we will be doing some mobility work with our personal trainer, Richie Griffin. It is important to incorporate stretching into your workout routine to loosen up your muscles. You will need a small cushion and a wall to do these stretches.

Couch Stretch

The first stretch is called the couch stretch. For this stretch, you will find a bare wall and put your knee in the crease where your wall meets the floor. Next, try and hold your chest straight up and out. Hold this position for one minute for each leg.


Spiderman Lunge

The next stretch is called the Spiderman lunge. For this stretch, get into the lunge position but extend your back leg as far out behind your body as you can. Make sure your hands are placed inside your hips. Hold this position for about 30 seconds for each leg. Do each of these stretches at least two times.


Have a great stretch workout!