Montana Judd, owner of LFL Beauty and Fitness, will teach us just how long we need to apply pressure on the foam roller to make sure that you recover your body as well as increase your performance as you head into your workout. In today's Exercise Minute, we will be focusing on our hamstrings. All you will need for this exercise is yourself and a foam roller.

Foam Rolling the Hamstrings

Start off by sitting on the floor with your legs straight out. Grab your foam roller and place it right underneath both legs in the hamstring area. Then, slowly use your arms to push your body back and forth so that the foam roller pushes up against your hamstring muscles. Make sure to put your weight on your hands and lift your heels up and off the ground. An important thing to remember with this exercise is that less is more. Even if this stretch does not hurt badly, that does not mean that it is not working.


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