Be ready to work your legs out in In today's "Exercise Minute". Personal trainer Richie Griffin will teach us a "leg blaster" workout and the best part about it is that all you need for this exercise is yourself.

Jump Squats

The first exercise will be jump squats. To do this exercise, begin by squatting down below parallel with your weight on your heals. As you begin to come back up, use your legs to jump up from the squatting position and then come back down. Repeat this exercise five times in a row.


Jumping Lunges

The next exercise will be jumping lunges. To do this exercise, begin by using one leg at a time to lunge forward. When you lunge, make sure that your knee does not come past your toes. Then, you are going to jump up vertically and alternate lunging between legs. If the jumping motion is too much for you, then alternate between regular lunges instead. You will do this five times on each leg, giving it a total of 10 jumping lunges.


Once you are done, repeat this circuit every minute for 10 minutes.

Have a great workout!