If you want better-looking arms, you're going to want to try these exercises.

Austin trainer Nicole Gonzales teaches us how to strengthen our arms in Tuesday's exercise minute. For these exercises, you will need yourself, a pair of weights or two water bottles, and a chair.

Push Ups

For the push-ups, make sure you get on your knees and put your hands outside of your shoulders. Use your arms to push down and then right back up. You can either kneel or use the plank position. Do this for 15 reps.


Chair Dips

While doing chair dips, place your hands right next to your hips and place your legs at a 90-degree angle. Next, you will drop straight down parallel then come back up and squeeze your triceps. You will do this for 12 reps.


Bent Over Rear Delt Flies

Make sure your back is flat and you're straight down. Next, you're going to pull your arms out laterally and squeeze your back. Perform this for 15 reps. Erika is using dumbbells but you can use water bottles to get the same effect.