In today's Exercise Minute, Eliz Perez will show us some stretches that will help with your balance and help with your leg strength. All you will need for this sequence is a mat.

Mountain Pose to Knee to Chest

Start off by placing one foot forward and the other foot behind you so that you are on your toes. Make sure your feet are a hip-length distance apart to help with your balance. Next, inhale and reach your arms up and above your head and bring your palms together and down to your chest. Then, bring your left knee into your chest.


Warrior 3

After you bring your left knee to your chest, take that same knee and extend it backward. At the same time, bring your arms out straightforward so that you are in a "Warrior 3" pose. As you inhale, really lengthen through your spine.


Chair Pose

As you exhale, bring your left foot up to meet your right foot and then bend your knees. Make sure your arms are extended straight up to the ceiling as you do this. While you're in the chair pose, take a deep inhale and then as you exhale stand all the way up and bring your hands to your side.