In today's Exercise Minute, we will be a doing full body workout with certified personal trainer Nicole Gonzales. If you're looking for a workout that has it all in one, this is the circuit for you. All you will need for these exercises is yourself.

Pulsating Curtsy

The first exercise will be the pulsating curtsy. For this curtsy exercise, you're going to bring one leg behind the other and then squat down into a curtsy. Then, you're going to make pulsating motions up and down in the curtsy position. Do 20 reps of this exercise on each leg.


Pike Pushups

The next exercise is pike pushups. You're going to start off this exercise in a downward dog position. Make sure your feet are inside the width of your shoulders and your hands are placed outside the width of your shoulders. Next, make sure you are looking at your feet and then begin doing pushups in this position. Do 12 reps of this exercise.


Scissor Kicks

The last exercise is scissor kicks. For this exercise, you will be lying on your back with your feet fully extended up towards the ceiling. Then, bring one leg down at a time alternating between both legs. Try to not let your feet touch the floor. Do this exercise 15 times for each leg for a total of 30 reps. Once completed, repeat this circuit three to five times.


Have a kickin' workout!