In today's Exercise Minute, we will be working with Eliz Perez from Yoga Yoga. Today's series is the "Half Sun Salutations A" series. This series will help by giving your body energy and easing your anxiety. All you will need for this series is a mat.

Mountain Pose

You will start off this series in the mountain pose. Make sure you are at the top of your mat with your legs placed hip-length apart. As you inhale, reach your arms up and place them together, and then as you exhale, pull your hands apart and go into the forward fold position.


Forward Fold

Once you are in the forward fold position, begin to inhale with your fingertips touching the ground and then shift your weight forward and exhale.


Back to Mountain Pose

After you exhale, shift your wight back to your heels and soften your knees. Then, as you inhale, stand all the way up and extend your arms up and place your palms together above your head. Then, bring your hands down to your chest and then to your hips as you exhale.