LEXINGTON, N.C. -- It's not the wedding Patricia Armstrong dreamed of.

There was no long white gown or beautifully decorated church. But she says it was perfect, because her baby boy was there.

"We were told we didn't have much time left with Conner," said Christopher Armstrong. "So we wanted him to be there."

Patricia and Christopher Armstrong held their wedding at a hospice center in Davidson County so that their one-month-old baby, Conner, could be part of it.

Conner was born with a rare genetic disorder called Trisomy 18. He is currently in hospice.

"Basically he has an extra eighteenth chromosome. It has more internal effects," Conner's dad, Christopher, explained. "He has three holes in his heart."

Trisomy occurs in about 1 in every 2500 pregnancies. Most babies with the disorder don't make it to a year old.

The condition affects every baby differently but it often leads to heart, kidney and feeding problems.There is no cure for the disorder.

Armstrong's wedding was a day she never could have predicted. But to her, it was perfect, because the whole family was together.

"We are just appreciating every minute we have with him. It's been scary. It's been emotional, but it's well worth it," Patricia said.

The family has started a GoFundMe page to cover funeral costs.