Today, Carey Kepler will teach us a circuit that consists of three workouts that will be sure to burn off some serious calories. All you will need for this circuit is yourself and a pole.


The first exercise will be the sprawl. Start off by going down into the plank position with your legs and arms fully extended out. Next, jump your feet forward to your chest, and then stand tall opening your hips at the top. Do this exercise ten times before proceeding to the shoulder press.


Shoulder Press

The second exercise will be the shoulder press. First, grab a pole and hold it horizontally with a wide grip. Make sure you are standing with your feet underneath your hips and place your hands outside of your shoulders. Next, use the pole to press your arms up and over your head with a full extension and then bring it back down to your shoulders. Make sure you keep your body nice and strong while you do this. Do this exercise for ten reps.



The last exercise will be sit-ups. Start off by laying in the sit-up position on the floor with your back nice and flat. Next, bring your upper body to your knees and touch the outside of your feet. Then, bring your body back down and extend your hands over your head until they touch the floor. You can find something to help keep your feet in place if you have trouble keeping them stable. Do 15 sit-ups and then repeat this entire circuit for a total of ten times.


Have a great workout!