Today's Exercise Minute is all about working your legs! Get your glutes in check with this quick circuit. All you need is yourself and a nice clear wall, and a timer for this circuit.

Single Leg Dead Lift

The first exercise will be single leg deadlifts. To start this exercise, make sure you are standing up straight with your legs slightly placed apart. Then, you're going to bend forward and touch the floor and at the same time bring your leg back straight out. Make sure your back leg stays aligned with your torso. Next, you're going to bring your legs back into place and alternate to the next leg and arm. Do this ten times on each leg.


Wall Sit

The next exercise is a wall sit. First, find a bare wall and then place your back against the wall. Next, get into the squat position and make sure that your legs are parallel to the floor. You will sit against the wall in this position for one minute.Once you complete the wall sit, repeat this entire circuit three more times.


Have an awesome workout!