BRYAN, Texas -- Former Bryan Police Officer turned himself in for recording a 20-year-old female without her knowledge.

On June 6 Officer Paul Silva turned himself in to the Bryan Police Department for an offense that occurred on May 11.

A 20-year-old female victim made a report to the Bryan Police Department on May 12 stating that Silva, a police officer with the Bryan Police Department since June 2016, made a visual recording of an intimate encounter without her knowledge.

The Bryan Police Department immediately launched two separate investigations into the matter; an internal investigation and a criminal investigation.

Paul Silva resigned as a result of the internal investigation the afternoon of May 12. The criminal investigation was presented to the District Attorney and County Attorney and resulted in an arrest warrant on June 5.

“There is nothing more important to the members of the Bryan Police Department than the trust of the citizens we serve. We uphold our officers to the highest standards and when they violate the citizen’s trust this department will hold them accountable," said Eric Buske, Police Chief.

The offense occurred when the officer was off duty.