SUNFISH LAKE, Minn. - You'll forgive the McMahon family of Sunfish Lake if their Holiday letter sounds a bit braggy this holiday season. After all, not many familial units can boast three kids who have notched perfect scores on the ACT.

Matt McMahon, Cretin-Derham Hall class of 2015, was the first to ace the college entrance exam. Brother Michael, CDH class of 2017, was next to score a perfect 36, followed by Claire, who will graduate this Spring with the Cretin-Derham Hall class of 2018.

“The achievement of any one of these students is impressive,” noted Mona Passman, Principal at Cretin-Derham Hall. “But it is truly unheard of to have multiple 36s in one family.”

Two older siblings notched high scores on the ACT as well.

This is a case where the apples don't fall far from the tree. Mom Connie McMahon is a math teacher at Cretin-Derham Hall, and says besides the academic abilities her children possess, the kids are also confident and competitive.

“When you see a sibling get such good scores, it gives the younger kids the confidence that it is actually an attainable goal. And within our family, the competition factor is alive and well. It started with our oldest kids who set the bar quite high, and they all worked hard to reach it,” explained Connie McMahon.

The McMahons are also quick to credit Cretin-Derham Hall for the success of the children. Their father, John McMahon, says his five children have five very different personalities and interests, but they shared the common trait to put all their energy into school and the activities they chose.