A day after students at Career Point Colleges in Austin, San Antonio, and Tulsa were told their school was shutting down, Southern Careers Institute is offering help to the displaced students.

Career Point College shut down due to what the president of the school, Larry Earle, said were three employees who were part of a scheme related to student aid funds. The Department of Education did not accept a plan proposed by the school and restricted federal financial aid, which led to the closing.

With hundreds of students left in the cold, Southern Career Institute campuses in Austin and San Antonio said Monday it would talk to all Career Point College students to help identify all transferable credits earned to the SCI campuses.

SCI will also offer Career Point students up to $3,000 grants to “help ease the transition,” SCI said in a statement.

Career Point students can contact SCI at 844-783-6569. The school has two campuses in San Antonio and one in Austin on the 2300 block of S. Congress Avenue.

Monday, on the Career Point College website, a post said school officials are working with local institutions to create a "teach out" agreement. It would allow students to finish their program at another school.

Rita Watson and Kasondra Alfaro were both in the Registered Nurse program at Career Point.

"It's devastating, I mean where do you go from here?" said Watson.

With students paying thousands of dollars up front, Alfaro said they feel lost.

"My students loans are maxed out, I can't get my transcripts," said Alfaro.

Watson said she's angry.

"This is not anything that happened overnight, they knew several months ago this was an issue," said Watson.

She said the school should have stopped enrolling new students and taking their money.

"As of Saturday, they were still touring students through the facility," said Watson.

Career Point's website said it will schedule a time for students to pick up their transcripts.