ROSENBERG, Texas - There’s a confederate flag flap at a Houston area high school.

At least three students are facing discipline for displaying the flag Friday morning outside George Ranch High School.

“And I think it made sense that they would get in trouble,” said senior Mia Conde.

The three male students are seen in a photo that was taken in the parking lot before classes. A Confederate battle flag sticks out from one side of their pickup truck while one student holds a “Trump for President” flag on the other side.

Administrators called it a “poor decision” in a letter addressed to parents.

The students face appropriate consequences in accordance with the school’s discipline code.

“It’s pretty crazy,” Conde said. “A lot of people thought that the principals overreacted. But I don’t think you can overreact to a situation where students feel uncomfortable or not safe in their own school.”

Reaction extends well beyond the school.

“This is a high school in our town. There is NO excuse for this being OK,” one parent said on Facebook.

“Wow. I would have never thought it would happen here in Fort Bend County,” another parent said.

Rosenberg Police sent additional officers to the school in order to ensure safety amid rumors and the potential for more disruption.

Here’s the full letter sent to parents by George Ranch High School:

"Longhorn Parents,

"We wanted to make you aware of an event that occurred at George Ranch High School today.

"A few of our students made a poor decision to display a confederate flag in the parking lot, which resulted in a campus disruption.

"The students are facing appropriate consequences, in accordance with the school’s discipline code.

"Please know that the safety of your children, our staff and all visitors will always be our first priority. Because we know there will be rumors regarding today, we wanted to provide you with accurate information. The George Ranch High School administration will always do its best to keep you informed about important issues on our campus.

"Rosenberg Police assigned extra police officers to the school and they—along with the administration and staff—are being diligent in the hallways to ensure everyone’s safety.

"If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me at 832-223-4200.

"Dr. Fred Black, Principal
Mr. Greg Tielke, Associate Principal
George Ranch High School"