You can always count on Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry to come up with a great Facebook post.

On Thursday, Berry said that "life on this planet as we know it" will end on Monday, August 21, when the solar eclipse occurs.

"As your Sheriff I expect each of you to begin panicking today," Berry wrote. "There is no need to wait til Sunday night to buy bread and milk. The shelves will be empty already as vast hordes descend on grocery stores.

"If you wait, the only thing left will be potted meat and knock off brand cereal with such names as 'RaisinO's' and 'CheeriBran.'"

Berry's posts are almost always entertaining. Local schools started back on Aug. 2, and Berry wrote, "Afternoon pick up at our schools starts soon. I strongly suggest that if you are using the Force to drive that you put your phone down or eliminate whatever it is that is distracting you and pay attention."