Wylie Police Department arrested a man after getting a call about an animal complaint on May 2.

Several witnesses say they have seen 27-year-old, Andrew Callaway "stomping" and "throwing" a boxer type puppy causing the puppy to yelp in pain.

Animal Service and Wylie Police obtained a seizure warrant to examine the puppy.

A day after the initial call, the seizure warrant was executed and the puppy known as “Diesel” was placed at Richardson Animal Shelter. 

During Diesel's exam, the veterinarian found several fractures on his back legs and hips, which were characterized as serious bodily injuries. The fractures on Diesel’s body will require surgery in the upcoming weeks. 

Investigators were able to get an arrest warrant for Callaway and charged him with Cruelty to Non- Livestock Animals. He is being held at the Collin County Detention Facility.