KYLE, Texas – Police say a welfare check turned into the arrests of two people who allegedly stole more than $300,000 in checks and around a dozen credit cards.

Kyle police said officers responded to the call at the Stripes along Camino Real around 4 a.m. June 4 for two people in a pickup truck that appeared to be passed out. Officers checked on the man and woman in the truck, and one of the officers recognized the man, 30-year-old Joshua James McGlasson, as having an outstanding warrant in Kyle.

“When he asked the man to step out of the truck, the officer found a pipe with brown residue in the bowl in the man’s pants pocket,” Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett said in a release.

The woman in the truck, identified by police as Melissa Moncada, 27, told police there was crystal methamphetamine in the truck, and police said officers found 3.6 grams of crystal meth in the truck along with $1,000 in cash.

Police said as officers we conducting an inventory of the truck’s contents, they located “several bags of mail” from residences “in Cedar Creek, Maxwell, Dale, Austin, Kyle, Buda and San Marcos.” Barnett said in a statement that the mail included bank statements, and Kyle Police Capt. Pedro Hernandez said they have contacted the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

Bag containing stolen mail that was seized by Kyle police during a June 4 welfare check of two people.
Bag containing stolen mail that was seized by Kyle police during a June 4 welfare check of two people.

“Our officers are continuing to go through the vast amount of mail recovered,” Barnett said. “Officers also confirmed that McGlasson and Moncada already used one credit card at Lowe’s.” He added police are reaching out to the victims, and that KPD contacted a woman who did not know her credit card was missing.Police are also encouraging everyone to not let their mail build up, and to monitor their credit reports for any anomalies.McGlasson and Moncada were arrested on felony charges of fraudulent use/possession of identifying information and possession of a controlled substance. Bond for both was set at a combined $50,000, and online records state both are in the Hays County Jail as of Monday morning.