Police have filed charges against two people in connection to an October armed robbery that was caught on the victim’s FaceTime.

According to an arrest affidavit, Jacob Carter, 19, was one of the men involved in the Oct. 23 robbery of a man in his Wickersham Lane apartment. Police said the victim’s girlfriend called 911 in Dallas to report the victim being robbed while they were using FaceTime.

The victim, who gave his statement to police Oct. 26, said he was talking to his girlfriend on his computer when he heard a scratching noise coming from his door. When he unlocked the door, the victim said the door swung open, hitting him in the face. One robber hit the victim in the face with a gun and dragged him into the bedroom, where the assault continued in view of the computer’s camera. The victim said one robber continued hitting him with a gun and pointed it at his head while a robber suspect was yelling at him and demanding the combination to his safe. A third person stayed outside the room when the robbery was taking place, the victim told police.

The affidavit states the victim told police the robbers threatened to kill him before taking his wallet, a TV and several pieces of musical equipment before leaving. The victim went to a neighbor’s apartment and said he saw three people getting into a “white police interceptor” across the street. The suspects were described to police as:

  • Darker-skinned Latino man, 5-feet 10-inches to 6-feet tall with black hair, 20-24 years old;
  • Lighter-skinned Hispanic man, shaved hair with chain necklace, 5-feet 10-inches tall with thin mustache, 19-24 years old;
  • Over six-feet tall wearing a Halloween ghost mask.

Police showed the victim still images his girlfriend had taken during the robbery, and identified the robbers. According to the affidavit, Austin ISD police contacted APD and identified one robber as Michael Aleman Jr., tenth-grade student in Austin ISD.

The second robber, identified in the affidavit as Carter, was reported to police by his mother. Carter’s mother called 911 on Oct. 25, saying she needed to speak with officers about her son after seeing images of the robbery posted online. She told police she believed Carter was in the images and described his car as a white Ford Crown Victoria that was a police interceptor model.

The third robber has not positively been identified, police said Wednesday.

The affidavit stated Carter will be held on $25,000 bond once arrested. A warrant has also been issued for Aleman's arrest. Neither Carter nor Aleman have been arrested, APD said Wednesday afternoon.