A suspect has been taken into custody after he allegedly stole a motorcycle and police found over 100 grams of meth in his backpack.

On Jan. 10, police were investigating the theft of their "BAIT" motorcycle, which is a vehicle used by authorities to capture thieves. They discovered it had been stolen and taken to the the Extended Stay located at 12424 Research Blvd.

According to the affidavit, officers were observing the hotel's parking lot when they located another motorcycle that could have possibly been stolen. Shortly after, the suspect, who police identified as Keith Franklin Bower, 37, exited the hotel and got on the unidentified motorcycle and drove away, police said.

The officers allegedly followed Bower to a gas station a few blocks away where they ran his license plate and found that the motorcycle did not match the registration.

When officers asked Bower if the motorcycle was his, he immediately started getting nervous and stuttered as he told them that it wasn't his, police said. He was then arrested, according to the affidavit.

After the arrest, Bower was taken to the Austin Police Department where officers interviewed him and went through his belongings, police said.

Among his belongings included a backpack that allegedly contained a fake Texas ID, stolen checks and two lock boxes. The officers said they managed to unlock the lock boxes and found 103.59 grams of meth and 4.76 grams of cocaine.

Bower also had over $1,400 in cash which officers believe to have come from the sale of meth, according to the affidavit.

Bower has been charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle and manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance of four grams or more. His bond has been set at $550,000. According to online records, Bower is in police custody as of Friday afternoon.