A Southeast Texas mother is stunned after her 19-year-old pregnant daughter was shot and killed before her eyes during a robbery early Tuesday morning.

Kera Teel, who was seven months pregnant with her baby, Kyndal Jae Teel, was shot and killed at the Sienna Apartment Homes in north Beaumont.

Mindy Morris told 12News she held her daughter, Kera Teel, in her arms during her last moments begging for her to stay with her.

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Morris says it's an image she will never forget.

"How do you do it when you watch some man shoot your daughter?" Morris asks.

"I held her in my arms I said Kera, Kera please baby," she said after experiencing every mothers worst nightmare of having her daughter shot in front of her.

Morris says she was with Kera just before 2 a.m. after driving back from Galveston when they noticed a black Cadillac driving back and forth by the exit of the Siena Trails Apartment complex.

She says Kera drove around the Cadillac and parked when all of a sudden a man in a black mask came up to the window of their car.

"She kept saying no, please, please don't, no. And I jerked her back and he opened the door and shot at her twice," Morris said.

She says she doesn't know how she wasn't hit as she ran for help with the man shooting at her as she fled.

Morris explains the suspects didn't ask for or say anything before just firing the gun at them.

"How could someone do that to someone?" she asks.

"if they wanted anything I would have given it to them except my baby," Morris said.

After police arrived Kera was taken to Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital where doctors tried to save the baby but it was too late.

Morris not only lost her daughter but lost her granddaughter when Kyndal Jae Teel died shortly after she was delivered.

Morris vows to take care of the one-year-old granddaughter that her daughter, Kera, left behind.

"I love you Kera, momma will make sure you get justice. I will do whatever I have to do for you and Kyndal. I will baby. I promise," Morris says.

Kera Teel is survived by her husband, Andrew Teel, and their one-year-old daughter who just had a birthday last week.