Six people have been indicted on federal charges of money laundering and conspiring to distribute synthetic cannabinoids in the Austin area.

In a release, Austin police said the arrests of Charles Kevin Herd, 56, Juanita Deshawn Price, 42, Sidney Franklin Jr., 59, Salah Said Omar El Hennawi, 44, Obdule Ware, 43, and Mothanna Abdallah Yousef, 28 were the results of two separate investigations by the Austin Police Department's Organized Crime Division Narcotics Team, the Houston Police Department, and several other drug enforcement agencies.

Officials said their investigation began after several incidents of harmful reactions to K2, a hazardous combination of chemicals, in the downtown area.

The six are accused of manufacturing kilos, or thousands of bags, of K2 in the Houston area before distributing the drugs in Austin.