Police have charged a man after they say he tried to take one officer's taser and a second officer's pistol during an altercation Monday.

According to the arrest affidavit for Moses Willingham, 32, police were called to The MESH Apartments on Town Lake Circle on March 6 for a report of a man “with his pants down smoking a pipe and touching himself.” Police asked Willingham to come to them, but the affidavit states he did not comply with the two responding officers.

The officers grabbed Willingham, who struggled to get free and was eventually wrestled to the ground. The affidavit states an officer used his taser on Willingham, who then tried to grab it after a five-second burst. The officer again tasered Willingham, who did manage to grab the taser and try to pull it from the officer’s hand. According to the affidavit the officer was able to maintain control of the taser. After one officer was able to get on top of Willingham, the affidavit said he grabbed the back of the grip on the officer’s pistol and was “pulling it wards in an apparent attempt to get it out of the holster.” Both officers reported receiving minor injuries while detaining Willingham.

Willingham has been charged with assaulting a public servant, resisting arrest and two felony counts of attempting to take weapon from peace officer. Online records at the Travis County Jail state he is being held on combined $175,000 bond. A booking photo is not available as of early Tuesday afternoon.