After a three-day trial, a jury found Colby Ray Williamson guilty of fatally running over Hutto Police Sgt. Chris Kelley.

The closing arguments wrapped up quickly on Thursday morning.

Williamson's defense team focused on Sgt. Kelley's skull fracture, saying it was the fall he took in the struggle that resulted in his death. The state fired back saying Williamson chose to drive over him, and his injuries were made with "significant force," something that could only have been done by the car.

In the second day of the trail, the jury heard emotional testimony from Hutto Lt. Dwayne Jones, who joined other officers in performing CPR on Kelley after he was struck. Kelley’s mother, Barbara Kelley, testified she learned about her son’s death through a text message at work.

"I got a text from my husband, Jack, and it said come home our son was killed this morning. If you can't drive, I will come get you," she told jurors through tears.

The jury took about three hours to reach a unanimous vote, and as the guilty verdict was read, Williamson, like he has been throughout the entire trial, didn't show emotion. As for Sgt. Kelley's wife and mother, both gave hugs to the prosecution team.

"We just want justice, so this is just one step -- we will give more of a statement when it's all over," Sgt. Kelley's wife said as she and her family exited the building.

Due to time constraints, Judge Rick K. Kennon decided the sentencing portion will pick back up on Monday at 9 a.m.


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If convicted, Williamson could face five to 99 years in jail, and a $10,000 fine.

KVUE's Nicole Rosales is covering Williamson's trial. No phones are allowed in the courtroom. Rosales has been live tweeting updates from outside the courtroom while watching proceedings through a video feed..