A 21-year-old Austin man has been charged with sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl he met online.

According to the arrest affidavit for Andres Reyes Benitez, officers responded to St. David's South Austin Medical Center on Oct. 16. Two nurses informed officers a 12-year-old girl and another older girl were brought to the emergency room after being possible sex assault victims. Police noted in the affidavit that only the 12-year-old girl is the only suspected victim.

The girl's mother told police she found messages between her daughter and Benitez, in which the suspect told the girls to go to a Motel 6, and that Benitez arranged to pick them up.

Police said in the affidavit that the girl told them that on Oct. 14, Benitez rented a room at a South Austin hotel and that they had sex, and again at a Del Valle park on Oct. 15. The older girl provided statements to police that were similar to what the 12-year-old's statement, but the older girl was not sure if Benitez and the 12-year-old had sex.

On Nov. 7, the affidavit states the 12-year-old's guardians called police to report the girl had introduced Benitez to them, and that they told him they did not approve of their relationship since he was too old for her. The girl's guardians also wrote down Benitez's license plate, through which APD located his address.

Benitez spoke with authorities on Dec. 4 at the Child Abuse Office, the affidavit said. Benitez allegedly told police he met the 12-year-old on Facebook after she accepted his friend request. He also allegedly said he told her he was 18 years old instead of his actual age of 21 because he wanted to have a romantic relationship with her.

Benitez confirmed the 12-year-old's statements to police, and that he was informed a week later that the girl was 12 by one of the girl's friends. According to the affidavit, Benitez told police he continued to meet with the girl and had sex with her again behind a business near North Lamar Boulevard and Rundberg Lane.

Benitez has been charged with felony aggravated sexual assault of a child, a first-degree felony. The affidavit states his bond is set at $50,000, and he is not listed in the Travis County Jail as of early Wednesday afternoon.