Police have charged an Austin man after they say he uploaded pornographic images of children to the internet.

The arrest affidavit for Raul Gol Fernandez, 55, states police were first notified of around 40 explicit images being uploaded in October. The CyberTipline was informed by Google that the images had been uploaded, and the Texas Attorney General’s Internet Cyber Crimes Against Children Task Force notified APD in November the uploads came from the same Google account. Police said they used various databases to link the account to Fernandez’s Facebook page.

The affidavit states police in January served Fernandez’s mobile carrier with a subpoena for information on his account, which was returned around March 16. Police noted in additional searches through databases that Fernandez’s name was located in an indecency with a child case, and that the case is listed as “suspended.”

Police searched Fernandez’s northeast Austin home on March 31, and the affidavit states a cell phone found in his room contained images that “included content that fits the Texas definition of child pornography.” One such image found on the phone matched an image that sparked the investigation, the affidavit said. After indicating he understood his Miranda rights, police said Fernandez admitted to using the phone to view and download child pornography. The affidavit states police learned through an additional interview conducted on April 2 that Fernandez also admitted to transferring images to other users.

Fernandez is being held in the Travis County Jail on a felony charge of promotion of child pornography. Online records state bond has been set at $25,000.