A woman was stabbed by a man Sunday morning while walking with three of her friends at the Domain shopping complex in Austin, police said.

Court documents state the incident occurred at approximately 6 a.m. July 16 when the group was returning home from shopping at Walmart. Police said they had parked their vehicle in a nearby parking garage and were crossing the street at the 3300 block of Rogers Road when they observed the suspect -- identified as 40-year-old Andres Rondon -- running towards them from around a darkened corner.

The witnesses said they saw Rondon raise a large knife above his head, grab the victim by her hair, pull her down to the street and tell her she had to come with him. Documents state Rondon released the victim, turned to walk away and then re-engaged the victim while she was still on the ground by slashing her right arm.

Witnesses told police Rondon threatened to kill the victim and thrashed the knife at her a second time with the tip of the weapon, penetrating her left rib cage approximately 1.5 inches deep.

Police said one witness screamed and another ran to find security while the suspect fled the scene in his vehicle. Police also noted in an arrest affidavit that Rondon and the victim had been dating for the past three years and were married in Cuba over a year ago.

The victim was treated at St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center and police said she will need follow up surgery to repair tendons. Rondon has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and online records at the Travis County Jail do not list him as an inmate as of Monday afternoon.