A man with outstanding warrants fled police after he was questioned about recording children at a North Austin school, police said.

According to an arrest affidavit, police were dispatched on Nov. 30 to the One World Montessori School, located in the 1701 block Scofield Lane, for a report of a suspicious person, later identified as Clinton D. Stephenson, 41.

The suspect informed the Austin Police Department officer that he did not have his ID card and told the officer his name was Clinton Russell Stevenson. After their initial interaction, the suspect was permitted to leave the school area. As the officer checked the APD records system he matched the provided name, birth date and photo with Clinton Daniel Stephenson, who had two second-degree felony warrants for burglary.

The officer then followed Stephenson in his patrol car east of 12800 Rampart Street. He detained him and asked Stephenson if he wanted to be escorted back to his home to retrieve his ID card. Stephenson then started running away from the officer and headed north leaving behind a backpack.

The officer chased Stephenson through the neighboring backyards and the suspect was then captured and detained. The officer confirmed Stephenson had two prior convictions for evading arrest.

Stephenson was charged with a felony evading arrest and is currently in custody at the Travis County Jail. His bail is set at $10,000.