Lobos and his partner Sgt. Randy Thumann seized nearly $7 million in heroin during a March 2 traffic stop, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office said.

Thumann and Lobos stopped a Ford F-150 along Interstate 10 for a traffic violation shortly after 12 p.m. March 2. The sheriff’s office said Thumann “observed many indications of drug trafficking and extremely abnormal nervous behavior.” The driver – who is not being identified by authorities – consented to having the vehicle searched.

Thumann removed approximately 35 kilograms of black tar heroin from inside five large wooden blocks that were located in a tool box in the bed of the truck.

Wooden blocks seized during March 2 traffic stop along Interstate 10 Fayette County. Approximately 35 kilograms of heroin was found inside the blocks.

The driver was arrested for felony drug possession, the sheriff’s office said.