AUSTIN – An inmate at the Travis County Correctional Complex is facing a felony charge after authorities say he attacked a guard.

Court documents for Abdullah Hamad, 33, state he was disrupting other inmates around 11:30 a.m. Dec. 3 by yelling and hitting the doors and walls with his sandals and hands. A guard told Hamad to step back so they could open the door for him to toss his sandals out. The sheriff’s office alleges that when the door was opened, Hamad tossed his sandals out and then lunged toward a guard.

Hamad allegedly grabbed the guard by his shirt and the cord of the guard’s radio. He allegedly tried to wrap it around the guard’s neck, but stopped when another guard intervened and struck Hamad. The sheriff’s office says Hamad released the guard and sat on the floor, where he was then handcuffed.

Hamadhas been charged with assault on a public servant. The affidavit states that bond for the charge was set at $5,000, and online records at the Travis County Jail do not list him as an inmate.