A man and woman were arrested for allegedly trafficking a 16-year-old girl by using online escort advertisements and securing hotels for the victim to be repeatedly sexually assaulted.

According to the arrest affidavit, Nancy Cisneros, 43, and Bernell Quillens, 35, are accused of committing the alleged acts on June 30, 2015 using the website Backpage.

The 16-year-old victim, identified as S.S. by investigators, told authorities in a recorded interview Nov. 18, 2015 that she met Cisneros, who she called Nancy, and Quillens, identified in the affidavit as "Real", June 29, 2015. The victim said she knew Cisneros through a mutual acquaintance and that she believed she was a prostitute.

Over the course of 24 hours, the victim alleges she was taken to a La Quinta hotel in San Marcos, where Qullens and Cisneros took explicit pictures of her using her cell phone to post on Backpage. The victim also added she was videotaped having sex with a woman known as Hailey before she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Quillens.

After the incident at the hotel, S.S. told police she was picked up at the house twice to go on "dates" where she had sex with people in exchange for money.

One the second incident, the victim alleges Cisneros told Quillens, "B**** better make me some money because I own her."

Based off numerics from the affidavit, it's estimated she made a little over $500 from the "dates."

The Office of the Attorney General said they found all digital evidence that the victim specified to them on the Backpage.com website. The CEO of the site was arrested at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston on Oct. 6.

Cisneros and Quillens are charged with trafficking of a child for sexual purposes. Their combined bail is set at $700,000.