A former employee at an Austin beer distributor has been charged with felony theft in connection to an interagency raid this month in Bastrop County that yielded more than 900 cases of stolen beer.

Court documents allege Achilles Salazar, 22, was an employee at Capital Beverage Distributing Company in September, during which time more than $90,000 in alcoholic beverages was stolen. Numerous employees and supervisors had suspected Salazar was behind the thefts since he was frequently at the warehouse approximately two hours early, the affidavit said.

A supervisor told police that employees had seen Salazar moving cases of beer on pallets, even though his job duties included moving kegs on pallets only. Police interviewed a second supervisor, who said he saw Salazar moving cases of beer to a loading dock before his shift and that the beer had vanished a short time after the supervisor saw it at the loading dock. Salazar was terminated after his suspicious behavior was reported, and Capital Beverage reported the beer thefts stopped once he was fired.

A Capital Beverage supervisor later notified police that he had found postings on social media advertising the sale of beer, and that the quantity and brands matched the beer that was reported stolen. Members from APD, TABC and ATF executed a search warrant on a home in Dale and recovered the stolen alcohol. Cash and weapons were also seized.

Money, weapons, alcohol and a marijuana plant seized in Dale, Texas on Oct. 19, 2016.

One of the two people detained said a man who worked at a warehouse had sold her the beer, and that the sale was done from the back of a U-Haul.

The affidavit stated police interviewed several more Capital Beverage employees, with one of them saying Salazar confided in him that he had been stealing 30 cases of beer weekly. The employee also stated that Salazar told him he had rented a U-Haul before he was terminated.

Online records do not list Salazar in the Travis County Jail as of Thursday evening. When arrested, bond will be set at $25,000. The image above is a previous booking photo from APD.