A former Bastrop ISD bus driver has been sentenced to five years of probation after he was convicted of endangering children on a bus in May 2015.

Video obtained from KVUE’s partners at the Austin American-Statesman show Samuel Macklin, 44, berating an 11-year-old boy on the bus. During the exchange, Macklin slammed on the brakes, jolting all of the students on the bus.

"If your momma's down there running her mouth watch what she gets. I don't put up with (expletive) from nobody especially not a little punk like you,” Macklin said on bus video.

Macklin quit the same day as the incident and went to go drive for the Texas School for the Deaf. He lost that position after he was indicted by a Bastrop County grand jury in November 2015.

The Statesman reported Macklin will also be required to complete 400 hours of community service, pay a $1,000 fine to the county and another $1,000 to a children’s charity of his choosing. Macklin must also complete anger management training, write an apology letter to the boy’s family and will only be allowed supervised visitation around children.