The man accused of stealing a car earlier in December was found asleep at the wheel near the scene of a separate car burglary, police said Wednesday.

The arrest affidavit for Aaron Brambila, 28, says police were investigating the Dec. 7 theft of a Dodge Caliber when they were called to a report of a vehicle burglary on Dec. 19. The owner of a Ford F-150 told police his passenger door was open and that an unknown Dodge Caliber was parked along the curb line. The owner of the Ford said the man behind the wheel - later identified as Brambila - was passed out behind the wheel, and confirmed at least one piece of his property was in the vehicle. Police said in the affidavit that the Dodge was "completely packed with other stuff, clothes, tools, several knives, a large BB gun and several bags containing shotgun shells, and ammo for a .22 caliber firearm."

Police said the vehicle was still running but in park when they arrived, and unlocked the door for Brambila to get out. The affidavit noted the suspect smelled of alcohol and was slurring his speech when officers spoke with him. The VIN of the Dodge was matched to the stolen vehicle report, and Brambila was placed under arrest.

Brambila has been charged with unauthorized use of vehicle, burglary of a vehicle and several charges of possession of a controlled substance. Online records at the Travis County Jail state he is being held on combined $59,000 bond.