The Oasis Restaurant on Lake Travis confirms they've been burglarized several times in the past two months, and they have the proof on surveillance footage.

The general manager of the lakefront restaurant Jacob Hart told KVUE the first incident happened in August.

A video shows three young men break into the restaurant and steal about a $1,000 worth of alcohol at around 1:30 a.m. Hart said the burglars damaged the property by breaking through the front glass door.

A month later, a similar burglary took place. However that time, only one person was caught on camera committing the crime.

After reporting the crimes to police, Hart said authorities hadn't obtained any leads.

“I personally believe there is some kind of link between the first break in and the second one, due to the footage that we have, they do look - one of the individuals in the first one does match the description of the individual in the second incident," Hart said.

Since the break-ins, the Oasis Restaurant has added security measures and alarms to prevent further incidents. The restaurant is also offering a cash reward of $500 for any information that leads to an arrest.

If you have information regarding the incidents, you're asked to contact the Travis County Sheriff’s office at 512-854-9770.