AUSTIN – Police announced Thursday that officers made a total of 69 DWI arrests during the No Refusal period that encompassed the Fourth of July.

APD said 33 blood search warrants were signed, with 27 consenting to provide a breath sample and nine consenting to have their blood drawn. The initiative, which ran 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. June 30-July 5, resulted in seven felony DWI charges (one with child passenger and six for suspects with two or more prior convictions). Six suspects were charged with a Class A Misdemeanor (with prior conviction) and 14 had a breath sample greater than .15.

The city said in August 2016 that it made 155 total DWI arrests during the 2016 No Refusal Initiative that covered the Fourth of July holiday, but that initiative ran June 24-July 4.