Someone threw a lit firework into an open car trunk in southwest Houston, according to a witness.

The car caught fire. However, no one was hurt. Video of the explosions got thousands of views and comments on Facebook.

When fireworks exploded in the trunk of a Dodge Charger parked in a strip mall parking lot near Highway 6 and Beechnut, debris shot in every direction.

“Somebody had threw a firework or something in (the Charger),” said Jonathan Garza. “That's how it all started.”

Garza's family brought $140 worth of Roman candles, sparklers and firecrackers to set off. He saw dozens of people doing the same, so the self-described adrenaline junkie grabbed his cell phone to Snapchat his thrill with co-workers. Then, he saw trouble.

“There were fireworks coming out the trunk,” Garza said. “I was like, what the hell?"

Among those watching Garza saw the Charger's owner begging for help.

“He was like, what do I do?” Garza said. “What do I do? There's no fire extinguisher. Nobody had fire extinguishers. They had to go inside one of the stores to get one.”

Even as firefighter put out flames and sent witnesses home, video shows fireworks popping inside the car.

“It could have ended bad,” Garza said.