The 'Day Without a Woman' protest scheduled in cities across the country on Wednesday will not include the chanting or marching our cameras captured on Austin's streets weeks ago.

One group believes it could actually end up causing more harm than good.

Melissa Fiero of March On! Texas said, "We decided the best option was taking a Texas twist, an alternative approach."

Because Texas is an "at-will state," many could lose wages or their jobs by participating in a day without women.

So instead, March On! Texas is promoting "A Day About Women."

"We're asking for people to spend a day with women and support women-owned businesses," Fiero added.
But that's not all.

Fiero, who helped organize the Austin Women's March in January, had another idea.

"It was kind of a quick conversation, we were on board almost immediately," described Maggie Lea.

Lea and her partner own Cheer Up Charlie's on Red River Street.

As the only women-owned music venue in downtown Austin, they knew they had to open their doors.

Vendors, non-profits and female performers will share this space Wednesday evening from 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

"We always try to support women entrepreneurs and DIY-ers and creatives that are starting something up," added Lea.

Fiero says that's what Wednesday's event is all about.

"I think women coming together in whatever way we can help each other and be there for each other is always a good thing," she said.

For more on Wednesday's event and a list of women-owned Texas businesses, click here.