It sounds unbelievable right? There has to be something wrong with a camera to drop to that price, right? The price I found and the size of the camera are both shocking. The reason for the price drop: the brand is hoping for web traffic following a software update. 

Today by viewer request, this may be something you want on your radar. 

Why would you want a spy camera? 

This is an action camera with every possibly accessory. The accessories allow you to use it underwater instead of a GoPro underwater or at night with infrared night vision. Despite a lot of stock, at this price, this will sell out so I want to get straight to the features. 

Is this as good as the GoPro? Absolutely not. It's $30! But you can see in my video tests, it performs well. 

- Full 1080p HD Video 
- Tiny and roughly the size of a key
- 3 hours recording with quick re-charge times
- Waterproof up to 30 meters
- Infrared night vision with 7 LED Modes
- Record up to 32 GB with Micro TF Card (not included)
- Can be used as a car dash cam
- Size makes it perfect for surveillance
- Includes Micro SD Card
- Lowest recorded price
- Motion detection activation
- Built in microphone for audio recording

For this camera to operate, you need a Micro SD. They are on sale here if you don't own one. 

**When camera sells out, here is a great alternate under $30 with 980p and 9 hours recording. 

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