With all this rain it's inevitable: someone's phone is going to get drenched.

You could stick your wet phone in rice to try and dry it out, but there's no guarantee it will work again. But one new device, called Dry Box, promises to do the job in just 30 minutes.

We put Dry Box to the test on Does it Work Wednesday.

Dry Box says it's CPR for soggy phones, getting it up and running fast. For this Does it Work, we stop by All Wireless Repair where owner Joe Gains lets us borrow a couple of old phones to toss in water. Hopefully, Dry Box can resuscitate them.

The first thing you do is hit the "dry my device" button. Then enter your email so Dry Box can let you know when it's done.

After that you swipe your credit card and put your precious phone inside. The chambers are secure; they won't open until you swipe the same credit card again. You'll get an email 30 minutes later letting you know the process is done.

The machine says once your phone is recharged, it'll work.

So we headed back to All Wireless Repair.

"It looks to be pretty dry, yeah," said Gains. ""That does look good, congratulations!"

After a quick charge, both phones are rearing to go. One battery is destroyed, but easily replaced. Gains said the quicker you dry your phone; the more likely it is to work.

"If you wait a day, 2 days it probably isn't as likely to come back on," he said. "I think for 20 dollars it's worth giving it a shot."

So Dry Box gets: a thumbs up.