Three credit card skimmers were found at 7-Eleven gas station pumps near Little Walnut Creek Park District while a Texas Department of Agriculture Inspector was on scene for a skimmer complaint.

TAD Officials said the devices were found Wednesday, July 26 at the storefront in the 6518 block of Ed Bluestein Road off of Loyola Lane.

After the suspected skimmers were found, the TDA said the gas pumps were labeled as "out of order" until police could confirm they were, in fact, skimmers.

On July 31, Austin police confirmed the devices were credit skimmers and that the business was unaware of the illegal activity on their premises.

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This is the second known 7-Eleven that was affected by skimmer activity. The TAD reported finding three skimmers at the location in the 9061 block of Research Boulevard on July 26.

Officials advise consumers to move to another pump or pay inside if they suspect a pump has been tampered with or appears fraudulent.

To make a complaint about a fuel pump, please contact TDA at 800-TELL-TDA.