On the steps of the Texas State Capitol Sunday, a meeting took place more than 40 years in the making.

"We're here celebrating the 44th anniversary of Roe. V. Wade," State Representative Jessica Farrar said to the gathered crowd.

Rep. Farrar was just one of dozens gathered to remember and honor the decision made by the Supreme Court in 1973. The 7-2 vote ruled that women's rights to privacy under the 14th amendment extended to abortion rights.

"Most people believe that it legalized abortion which is true," Event organizer Paula Trietschchaney said. "But it's also about the right to privacy for women."

The gathered crowd shared speeches, music and dramatic performances as part of coming together and more importantly, Trietschchaney said, to show the legislators that they won't go away.

"This is a landmark court case which legally guaranteed women the autonomy to make the best reproductive health decisions for themselves and for their family," Representative Farrar said.

"Women's rights and reproductive rights have been under assault under this dome for the last 6-10 years," Trietschchaney said. "You're free to believe in this country whatever you choose, but what you're not free to do is impose your beliefs on anyone else."