In a world filled with seemingly endless shopping opportunities, it can be pretty time consuming to try and find the best Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals.

It doesn't take long to find a site claiming to have the "best deal" or the "lowest prices."

But are those claims true?

Unfortunately, for a physical store environment that's hard to analyze. Web-based shopping, however, is a different story.

Using a price comparison site like, users can look up an item's price on Amazon or other retailers and track what it's prices have been previously for comparison sake.

Here are two examples that help clear up the claim:

As of the writing of this story, the Blendtec "Total Blender Classic" was on sale on Amazon for $189.95. Its previous price was listed at $364.03. That's a 48% discount, but was it the "best?"

Looking at Camel for comparison gives you a chart showing all the products high's and lows. While there were previous price drops, the current Amazon prize was actually the lowest price ever seen for the blender.

But, that's not always the case. Take the "Lord of the Rings - Extended blu-ray set."

It's currently listed at $25.99, an almost 80 percent discount from its peak price of $119.99.

And while that's the lowest price ever seen for the collection, it's not the first time it's reached that low. At least three times previously, the same set was sold for the same low price.

This price comparison can be done for any product sold on Amazon and while Black Friday and Cyber Monday often have good deals, the claim that the "best deals" only happen on those days can be verified as false.

Consumer Reports also lists different products that statistically see better discounts and sales depending on the time of year and is unrelated to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In March, for instance, digital cameras and humidifiers see steep sales.

For a look at the full month-by-month breakdown, click here.


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