As much as we try to remember everything that needs to get done this holiday season, we all know the feeling of forgetting one small thing at the last second. This is why Amazon is working to help those who procrastinate or forget all together.

Amazon offers an "Amazon Prime Now" application for Prime members, which allows people in select cities to order items through the app and receive it in two hours. Not only is Austin one of these cities, it is host to an Amazon Prime Now hub, which is a warehouse that includes all these items people in the area can order.

Angie Newman works for Amazon and recently flew into Texas to check on all of the state's hubs to make sure they were ready to go for the Christmas weekend. This period in particular is a time when the use of this app increases greatly.

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"As soon as a delivery order comes in for us, they are shooting out into these aisles and they're getting that stuff into a bag," Newman said. "Then an Amazon Flex driver comes, picks that up and delivers it as quickly as possible."

All of the items are broken down into small cubes broken down by rows built with intricate labels. While the organization of the items is difficult to figure out, all of the Amazon workers have scanners that tell them exactly where to find the items that they need.

"Technology makes this all possible," Newman said. "Everything that you see in here is ran by technology and made as efficient as possible and that's how we're able to get items to do people's doorsteps in about an hour or two."

While this two-hour delivery is free for the Prime members who have the app, people have the option to ramp up the delivery time to one hour for $7.99.

"Technology has come so far, and obviously, we obsess over the things that our customers care about, which is a vast selection of the best prices and convenience," Newman said. "Who doesn't love convenience like that?"

Amazon is planning to work as close to Christmas Day as the workers possible can. If you make an order through the Amazon Prime Now app by 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve, you are guaranteed to get that item by 11:59 p.m. the same night, just in time for Christmas Day.

Amazon also offers locally made products from Austin through this service. TAP OR CLICK HERE for more information.